Auto Maintenance Experts

Regular servicing of your car is important because it ensures safety, improves your vehicle’s life span and performance, keeps your vehicle components safe and saves a significant amount of your money in the long run. Bring your car over to Adams Automotive, one of the top auto maintenance stations in Houston. Our skilled crew serves the 77055 and 77024 areas. Let them minimize your risk of potential mechanical failures and expensive repairs.

Winter Car Maintenance

Issues such as low tire pressure, frozen fuel lines etc. are quite common during winter. So proper maintenance of your vehicle during this season is very important in order to prevent long-term damage.

Engine Performance
The cold weather could affect the engine of your car. We will fix all the issues which may include hard start, rough idling, reduced power and stalling.

Oil and oil filters should be changed as specified in the manual of your car.

Windshield Wipers
During the winter, you should replace old wiper blades in order to avoid visibility issues.

Battery should be checked and maintained properly so that winter won’t affect its performance. If the battery is weak, it should be replaced.

You should swap out regular tires for winter tires because they are made to provide better traction while stopping or turning on cold pavement.

Summer Maintenance
Car maintenance is inevitable during summer because the heat and dust could take a toll on your vehicle.