Best Car A/C Repair

Adams Automotive is the best auto AC repair center in Woodlands Tx. You can come to our automotive repair station if your AC is not working properly. We offer full-service auto repair and maintenance, including auto AC repair.

Signs of a Failing Car AC

  • It doesn’t blow significantly cooler air than the outer air;
  • The blown air smells damp or musty;
  • During cold weather, it fails to warm up the car properly;
  • It fails to efficiently work when the car is idling;
  • The airflow is low even if the fan setting I at the highest;
  • The defroster doesn’t function at all or takes too much time to operate

Woodlands Tx Car AC Repair Experts
If you notice one or more of the above-mentioned issues, come over to our auto AC repair station in Woodlands, TX. All the issues will be taken care of right away!

At Adams Automotive, our skilled auto AC crew will:

  • Examine the blower and internal controls;
  • Check your AC compressor belt;
  • Inspect your car’s coolant levels, hoses, thermostat and pressure radiator cap;
  • Check whether the car AC pressure is as specified by the manufacturer
  • Pressure test your car’s cooling system; and
    Measure your car AC vent temperature