Top Hand Car Wash

Regular car washing not only gives your car a better look, but will give it higher resell and trade-in value as well. Keeping the car washed is the cheapest way to maintain its appearance. Hand washing has the advantage that it can remove all dirt and dust in nooks and crannies that automated car washes are unable to reach.

Our expert car washing crew serves the Woodland, TX area. Come over to our auto repair and wash station and get a totally free hand car wash with each service.

Get the Best Hand Car Wash
At our service station, your premium service will include:
Complete hand car wash (all surfaces including wheels, tires, rims, under cage and interior vacuum of carpets and seats);

  • Thorough cleaning of wheels and rims;
  • Dust cleaning from interior door panels and dashboard;
  • Removing and cleaning of all floor mats;
  • Cleaning of windows;
  • Hand-drying; and
  • Shining tires

We’re Open! Complete Hand Car Wash in Woodland, TX
Do you feel it’s time your car requires professional cleaning? Visit Adams Automotive at the earliest. Let’s give your car the new look and smell that you expect. Contact us right now for any further information.