Power Steering

If you have driven any vehicle that doesn’t have power steering, you should have realized how much power steering helps you in driving your car, particularly at slow speeds. Repair and maintenance of power steering require high skill and expertise. Come over to Adams Automotive to get the best service in Woodlands, TX.

General Power Steering Issues

Power Steering Fluid Leak
The steering system is primarily dependent on hydraulic fluid. You will face issues if sufficient fluid is not there in the power steering system. Fluid leak may be one of the reasons for this.

Contaminated Power Steering Fluid
Though power steering fluid doesn’t get contaminated as fast as engine oil, it also is likely to accumulate debris over time.

Power Steering Pump Problems
It is the engine of your car that gives power to the steering pump. The belt running from the crankshaft to the steering pump may wear out, crack and break over time.


Do you feel that your ride is rough and bumpy? It may not be due to poor road conditions, but could be due to the problems with your car’s suspension system. You should get the system inspected by experts. If you are looking for the best service station in Woodlands Tx, come over to Adams Automotive immediately. Our technicians are experts in repairing and maintaining steering and suspension systems.